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Aircraft Sales and Management

Plane Simple makes purchasing a new or previously-owned aircraft simple and easy. We start with YOU in mind and do the research, negotiations, and consulting all for you. Then let our professional team handle the management of your aircraft. You enjoy the flying, and let us take care of the rest!

Sales and Consulting 

No matter where you go, it seems there is always someone with an agenda trying to sell you something, At Plane Simple, our most important sale is earning your trust. We seek to form a relationship with you as a friend and colleague, not merely a business arrangement. As such, it is our personal mission to find an airplane that best suits your individual needs. We are not employed by any aviation company or aircraft manufacturer. Therefore, it is you alone that we will work for. Whether you seek whole or fractional ownership, rental, or leases, it will be your skills, mission, and needs that formulate our recommendation. 

Aircraft Management
You fly for at least one of two reasons: you love to save time and/or you love to fly.  At Plane Simple, we strive to give you more of both. Allow our team of professional pilots to handle and schedule your maintenance, insurance premiums, database updates, aircraft scheduling, cleaning, and concierge services all for one simple, all-inclusive price. We strive to do just as our name implies: Keep it Plane Simple, Plane Fast, and Plane Easy. 



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