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Pilot Services

Not a pilot? Not a problem! Plane Simple has an elite team pilots that are eager and ready to fly. Our pilots must meet strict certification, training, and insurance requirements before they can pilot your plane. We are licensed to fly many different makes and models-everything from a single engine piston aircraft to a multi-engine jet. So sit back and relax as our experienced pilots provide a fast and unforgettable trip!

Personalized Business Travel

Experience travel tailored to you! Plane simply, travel where and when you want without the hassle of lines, security, complex boarding procedures, layovers, delays, and lost luggage. Enjoy a true First Class experience that values efficiency, productivity, and time. 



Discovery Flights

Not sure how you feel about flying? Considering becoming a pilot? This introductory flight is the perfect way to discover if flying is for you! During this one hour flight, you will walk through the pre-flight inspection with the pilot ensuring the aircraft is flight worthy. Then the pilot will explain the procedures as you taxi to the runway and prepare for take-off. Once airborne, simply relax and enjoy your flight around the area. Or if you're feeling brave, take the controls and see if flying is meant for you! After the flight, if you're interested in learning to fly, the pilot will provide all the information you need to get started pursuing your new passion!


Scenic Flights

Need an exciting date or gift idea? Take your loved one to the skies for an experience he or she won't forget! Our scenic flights are tailored to your requests. Whether it's a quick trip around the lake area or a romantic sunset excursion, we can accommadate your specific requests to make memories that last a lifetime! 

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