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Delivering Your Destination

From personalized air travel to flight instruction and aircraft sales and management in Lake Charles and all of Southwest Louisiana, Plane Simple simply delivers.  

Business Travel


Based out of the Lake Charles Regional Airport and serving all of Southwest Louisiana, Plane Simple offers a true first-class experience that values time and efficiency. Travel where and when you want without the hassle of lines, security, layovers, or lost luggage. Our schedule is built around you- not the other way around.

Flight Training


With Plane Simple, dreams of flying a plane become a reality as our Gold Seal flight instructors take you through user-friendly courses ultimately designed for pilot licensing. Whether you seek to fly for fun or desire to become a Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot, Plane Simple offers personalized instruction tailored to your schedule and learning style. 

Aircraft Sales/Leasing
& Management

Simply put, Plane Simple works for you. If you are in the market to purchase, lease, or rent whole or fractional ownership of an aircraft, we are your destination for a worry-free buying experience. Additionally, let Plane Simple manage the maintenance, insurance, cleaning, scheduling, concierge services, and more. We are a full-scale service provider equipped to handle all your aviation needs. 

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